Registration - 2020

This is the registration page for the festival; see the Lodging page for other important information. 

Registration is a three-part process:

1. Choose Classes

For descriptions, see the "Bootcamps" and "Classes" pages. 

For instructor bios, see the "Instructors" page.

A. Register Online (preferred)


B. Register by Mail


Print the form, make your selections, and mail to the address below. 


2. Make Payment for Festival ($275)

Registration includes a $30 non-refundable deposit.

A. Mail a Check (preferred)

Make your check for $275 (full amount including $30 non-refundable deposit) payable to:


Mail to:


        685 Princess Anne Road
        Virginia Beach, VA 23457


B. Pay Online Via PayPal


Full registration ($275, includes 
$30 non-refundable deposit)

3. Pay for Meals and/or Lodging (required)

These are handled separately by the Blue Ridge Assembly.

See the Lodging page.

Cancellation Policy - Festival

  • Full refund (less $30 non-refundable deposit) if you cancel on or before July 15.

  • Half refund (less $30 non-refundable deposit) if you cancel from July 16 through Labor Day (Sept. 7).

  • NO REFUND if you cancel after Labor Day.

  • Full refund (less $30 non-refundable deposit) if the festival itself has to cancel for corona-virus related reasons.

  • Blue Ridge Assembly has its own cancellation policies.

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