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2024 Dulcimer Bootcamp

Mountain Dulcimer - with Shawn McCurdy

Welcome to dulcimer Boot Camp! If you’re new to the Mountain Dulcimer, this class is for you. We’ll start with the basics - what to call the various parts of your dulcimer, how to hold it, and how to tune it. Using simple building blocks, we’ll start playing the very first day and learn how to strum or pick with one hand, and how to fret with the other hand.


You’ll learn how to read dulcimer tab (the kind of sheet music used by dulcimer players), and you’ll learn about keys and scales, time signatures and how to count your music, note values and the rhythms they produce. You’ll learn about individual notes as well as chords on the mountain dulcimer.


We’ll spend some time all together as a class, but you’ll also have some time for individual or small group practice and one-on-one instruction during each day. By the time you leave Black Mountain you’ll be able to play some simple tunes and will have a solid start for your dulcimer journey!


You’ll need to have a standard dulcimer with three strings tuned to Dad for this class, a tuner (can be an app on your cell phone), and a pick or two. A music stand is also helpful.

Hammered Dulcimer - with Rick Thum

Things to Bring

  • Your instrument

  • A music stand

  • A strap if you use one

  • A tuner

  • Two or three picks (at least one) [Mountain Dulcimer]

  • Hammers [Hammered Dulcimer]

  • A pencil

  • A small notebook if you want

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