Want a kick-start? Try a bootcamp! (optional) - 2019 

Beginners have the option of joining a bootcamp (or choose suitable individual classes during sessions 1 and 2).

Bootcamps meet from 9AM - 11:45 AM (during general sessions 1 and 2.)

You're also welcome to join Early Bird and sessions 3 and 4. 

* NEW FOR 2019! *

Ukulele Bootcamp with Jim Miller & Sharrie George


Jim - (Beginner) Folk Tunes with Chords - Let's play chords on some simple folk tunes we all know and love                  

Sharrie – (Beginner) Ukulele Standards & Strums 



Jim – (Beginner) Folk Tunes with Melody - We'll add a melody line to some favorite old folk tunes 

Sharrie – (Beginner) Tunes From the 50's and 60's - chords & strums



Jim – (Intermediate) Swing tunes with chords – We'll learn chords to some good old swing chestnuts

Sharrie -  (Intermediate) Island Tunes with Melody & Harmony



Jim – (Intermediate) Swing tunes with melody – Covers the melody lines for several common swing tunes

Sharrie - (Beginner & Intermediate) Jamming Keys with Melody & Chords

Beginner Hammered Dulcimer with Mary Lynn van Deventer

This class is designed to launch your playing! We will start from the very beginning and cover everything you need to know as a new player. Nothing is too basic to ask. We will cover hammers, tuning, hammering technique, a review of systems of hammering, various ways to playing scales and arpeggios, "mapping" the instrument to reveal the many patterns that are so integral to playing, an introduction to and application of chord theory, an introduction to backup, an overview of arranging techniques such as two- and three-note chords, valley rolls and arpeggio fills. We will use a few simple tunes to introduce and apply the concepts. Musicality and phrasing will be emphasized. 

Beginner Mountain Dulcimer with Judy House

This class is specifically designed for the rank beginner who has had little or no experience with the Mountain Dulcimer.  For three hours every morning, we will explore:

  • Tuning and caring for your dulcimer

  • Finding the best playing position for you

  • Strumming and fretting techniques

  • Learning to play in time

  • The basics of reading music

  • Reading tablature

  • Basic backup chords

  • The history of the Mountain Dulcimer

  • How to survive and enjoy a jam

  • And, we’ll be learning a boatload of great songs!


I hope you will join me for a week of laughter, music, and a mountain of fun!

Things to Bring

  • Your instrument

  • A music stand

  • A strap if you use one

  • A tuner

  • Two or three picks (at least one) [Mountain Dulcimer]

  • Hammers [Hammered Dulcimer]

  • A pencil

  • A small notebook if you want

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