Want a kick-start? Try a boot camp! (optional) 
[These are the 2021 bootcamps]

Beginners in mountain dulcimer or hammered dulcimer have the option of joining a boot camp for sessions 1 and 2, or can choose suitable individual classes.

Boot camps are also available for ukuleletin whistle (penny whistle), and teachers

Boot camps meet from 9AM - 11:45 AM (during general sessions 1 and 2.) Boot campers are welcome to join Early Bird and sessions 3 and 4 as well. Teacher's bootcamp is all day (sessions 1-4). 

Mountain Dulcimer Beginner Boot Camp with Laurie Alsobrook

Welcome to the world of the Mountain Dulcimer!  You have chosen to begin the exciting journey of learning how to play this lovely instrument...or perhaps you are dusting off the dulcimer that you have not played in years.  New or almost new to the dulcimer, this is your class!


Goals for the week are for you to be able to play several simple and familiar dulcimer tunes and to come away with basic mountain dulcimer playing skills that will allow you continue to play, expand on what you have learned, and add to your repertoire for the mountain dulcimer.


Come enjoy learning to play the mountain dulcimer in a relaxed and encouraging environment… enjoy the music and enjoy the fellowship with other dulcimer players!

Hammered Dulcimer Beginner Boot Camp with Mary Lynn Michal


This class is designed to launch your playing! We will assume no prior knowledge of the instrument and cover everything you need to know to begin playing tunes right away. Included will be demonstration of hammering systems and discovering the primary shapes and patterns that make it easy to get started. Hammered Dulcimer Boot Camp is guaranteed to stretch your brain in a FUN way. Invest a week to discover if this instrument is for you. I bet you will love it!

Tin Whistle Boot Camp with Lorinda Jones - new for 2021!

“The smallest, cheapest instrument with the biggest impact in your ensemble.” The class you’ve been dreaming about!  Take that whistle out of your pocket or bag and start playing!  We will start from the beginning (which end goes in your mouth!) and proceed to scales and tunes.  In the boot camp you will have the luxury of taking your time, learning to play the notes by music, or by ear and explore the many ways a whistle can add depth to an ensemble. Whether playing alone, or with others, learn how to adapt melodies, harmonies, drones and variations for the whistle. Some tunes will be presented with optional dulcimer tab so we can practice in an ensemble setting if desired.  Come join the band!!

Ukulele Boot Camp with Danny Shepherd and Butch Ross

No previous musical knowledge necessary. Learn your first song in 3 minutes or less. You’ll learn to hold, tune, play chords - C, F, C7, Am, G, G7, D7, and others. We’ll spend time working on changing chords smoothly, developing good left hand technique, playing musically, learn a variety of useful strum patterns, and play lots of songs. You will also learn to read TAB, play in a simple Hawaiian style, and have a lot of fun at the same time.

Teacher's Boot Camp with Judy House - new for 2021! - all day - sessions 1 through 4

Where Do I Go From Here? (Intermediate and Advanced Levels – Any Folk Instrument)


You’ve taken all the classes, you can play almost anything, and people are always asking you to show them how to play or do something. So, have you thought about taking the next step into the realm of teaching or leading a group?  Perhaps you already do this but have a desire to be better.  If you are curious about how to be an effective teacher with successful students, then this class is waiting for you, no matter what folk instrument you play!


In this week-long comprehensive class, we will cover:

  • The foundations of teaching and learning that all effective teachers know and use

  • The importance of sequential skills and the advantage of organized thoughts

  • How to build up a collection of lessons and materials for success

  • Practice teaching others how you do what you do so well

  • Ideas to promote yourself


This will be a new experience with lots of creativity and fun thrown in. You may want to bring your laptop or tablet along! THIS CLASS IS SESSIONS 1-4. 

Hope to see you there!

Things to Bring

  • Your instrument

  • A music stand

  • A strap if you use one

  • A tuner

  • Two or three picks (at least one) [Mountain Dulcimer]

  • Hammers [Hammered Dulcimer]

  • A pencil

  • A small notebook if you want