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Handmade in the USA since 1968. You'll appreciate the attention to detail, the solid woods, and the fine craftsmanship. You'll enjoy the rich tone quality, the incredible sustain, and the body that responds to all of your most intricate nuances. You'll recognize the value in the non-stop support you'll receive, both pre-purchase and post-purchase. 

We do everything we can to make the heirloom dulcimer you deserve, from the solid hardwoods used to the handmade (in our own shop, not imported from overseas!) case that's included with each and every instrument. Handmade in the USA since 1968.

Vermont Wood'n Sounds

Hand-made mountain dulcimers.


Meet George and Sandy Handy of Vermont Wood'n Sounds ...

George uses the skills acquired in over 40 years of wood working to produce high quality, custom-made dulcimers in his shop in Guilford, Vermont. George designs and crafts each component of the dulcimer, and then precisely marries the components to produce a unique and beautiful musical instrument.  Most importantly, George insures his dulcimers sound as beautiful as they look.


Sandy handles the administrative duties for the two-person team that makes up Vermont Wood’n Sounds.  Sandy is the initial contact for musicians inquiring about dulcimers, and assists George in ensuring that the specific needs of each customer are met.

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